• Afterpay in four easy instalments

    Afterpay in four easy instalments

    We already accept payment in cash, Mastercard, EFTPOS, Diners Club, Amex and Visa… and for your convenience, we now offer Afterpay too. Download the Afterpay app and create an account (if you don’t already have one). Advise you are using Afterpay when you book. Split your purchase into four instalments. Pay your first instalment at

  • Don’t let rodents destroy your car

    Don’t let rodents destroy your car

    With the onset of cold weather, rodents are taking advantage of engine heat in cars to keep warm at night. They can cause all sorts of electrical faults and damage to fuel hoses. Come down and have rat baits set in your engine bay.

  • Courtesy cars available

    Courtesy cars available

    Trying to find time in your busy schedule for a much needed car service? Does it seem impossible as you need your vehicle to carry out your daily life? Don’t let this put you off having your car serviced and increasing the chances of excess wear’n’tear to your much needed car. We can help you

  • Don’t let your car overheat

    Don’t let your car overheat

    Stop and call us immediately if you notice any of these warnings: The temperature gauge climbs above normal. A tinkling or pinging noise coming from your engine bay. Radiator coolant on the garage floor, usually green but can also be pink. Your radiator fluid is below the line. Steam coming from the vehicles exhaust pipe.

  • Tyre pressure

    Tyre pressure

    Tyre pressures add life to your tyre wear – while adding safety to your passenger’s journey. Under tyre pressure and shock absorbers need replacing on Samford Road usually every 100,000 KMs.

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